Brian turned onto the road and with the windows down and the sun-roof open Keith stood up in the back and threw the egg out the sun-roof at a parked car. Brandon leans up against the door with half his body out the passengerís seat window, holding the bat, he winds up and nails the mailbox. The mailbox flies off the post and rolls across the ground as Brian accelerates away from the carnage. He quickly turns right onto another road when all of a sudden an old silver Charger comes up from behind fast and comes up along side of us. We stop to see what he wanted and he started yelling, ďgive me the bat now!Ē We said no and he jumped on top of my car coming in from the sunroof. Brandon starts yelling to floor it and Brian takes off. The crazed man falls off the back as we try to lose him. We are going about 60 and we donít stop at the first stop sign because we try to keep him from following us. When Keith turns around to see if he isnít following us he is seen speeding faster than us and comes right up behind us. With everyone starting to worry Brandon throws out the bat thinking that the crazy guy would leave us alone once he got the bat. We are going about 70 at this time and go right throw a 4-way intersection. We are sure we lost him until Brandon looked again. The man is coming up on us at an incredible rate and we start to panic. We couldnít believe he caught up so fast with him having to stop to get the bat and at the speed we were going at. Brandon starts yelling for Brian to goto someoneís house to ask for help, but he keeps driving. The crazed man is on our bumper at 60 plus mph. Brian break checks him a little bit but he stays right on us. We quickly decided to stop on the road and turn around to try and throw him off, but as we stopped he went around us and did a 180 and was facing us. He gets out of his car with the bat in his hands and throws it at us. Brian quickly puts it in reverse and floors it to avoid the bat the man throw at the car. Brian swerved right into a bank that was 4 feet long and about at a 60degree angle. He starts gassing it to get it out as the crazy guy watches. Brian gets it out and stops on the road again. The man gets back in his car and starts reeving it. Brandon pushes down Brianís leg onto the gas pedal and we take off. Thinking the man we move he starts coming at us too. Brian makes a hard right and goes right into a field with cut corn stalks about 11/2 feet tall. The whole field is covered in 6 inches of snow, but Keith manages to get us to a long driveway after driving throw the field for half a mile. When we get onto the driveway we go down it to the farmers house where the crazed man awaited for us to come back up. We parked the car at the house and run to the doors and windows knocking to get someone to come out but no one was home. After about 10 minutes the guy left and we just stayed down at the house for awhile to regain out thoughts and nerves over what just happened. We couldnít believe that in the whole time this situation occurred that not one car had driven by. Once Brian, Brandon and Keith were calmed down they got in car and drove away from there.
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