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Date Of Birth : 3/20/76

Chesters vocals are incredibly emotional. Whether that be screaming and expressing extreme anger and rage, or softly and beautifully expressing his depression, his lyrics will always go straight to your soul and instantly you will relate to them

Date Of Birth : 2/11/77

Mike brings the hip hop elements to the group. Responsible for all the great rhyme cuts that out of no where hit you right in the face, he is one of the most gifted vocalists in the business.

Date Of Birth : 12/1/77

Brad has an amazing range of things he can do with his guitar. Not only can he rip though your chest with an incredible riff, he is also capable of taking it down a few notches and making some AMAZINGLY melodic tunes.

Date Of Birth : 3/15/77

The secret ingredience to the band's great sound is Mr.Hahn. All the incredible samples and turntable action that bring LP to a new level of music that few ever reach...are all brought to us by the great Mr.Hahn.

Date Of Birth : 1/20/79

The drums play an enormous role in the beat of a song. The drum beat is what holds the entire song together, and creates the tune which you normally tap your feet to. Rob provides this beautifully the LP.

Date Of Birth : 2/8/77

Phoenix's bass lines have a tendancy to get stuck in your head if you crank the bass on your system. This is something that can't be said for most people who play that instrument.


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