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4-16-02 Got my new Lugz. Got my "It's All Good" shirt. Got my black JNCO jeans.

4-14-02 Can a Chevy please win a race? Is it really thats hard? Come on Gordon put an end to your losing streak.

4-12-02 Happy 16 for me, BK 4 LYFE!!!

4-06-02 Volleyball is rough right now but atleast we won a game. My birthday is next week so nobody better for get it(4-12-86). I think Brit should break up with Dave and go out with me but of course that's just my opinion. The J.Lo pics are coming shortly with over 70.

3-31-02 Ashley Prices Birthday, Happy 16th.

3-23-02 Keith Gordons Birthday, Happy 16th.

3-21-02 Just added about 30 new Britney Spears Pics. I think Julie Rubright and Ashton Blessing should go out so back off Ashley. Its taken awhile but I've finally found someone I like, Brittany Warfel.

3-20-02 Jordan Abel is a theif and a fag.

3-01-02 Andy White flirts with all the 7th graders becuase he thinks it's kewl.

2-16-02 Hell Yeah! We are going to win STATES at this rate (25-1)! Kyle McLaughlin for MVP.

2-16-02 It's Amber Prestons Birthday, Happy 15th.

2-14-02 Yeah! I won $25 on the qualifying race Jeff Gordon won! Congrats to him. Just thought that I should mention Ashley Price is my valentine. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

2-08-02 I just added 60+ Britney Spears pics. How bout that, who woulda thought Jimmy Johnson would of won the Daytona 500 pole. GO J. GORDON!!!

1-31-02 Amber Preston by far has the hottest girl at Eastern.

1-21-02 My Linkin Park pages are finally complete, enjoy!

1-20-02 !!!It has been discovered that JAMES STRUNK is cowz8myburger!!!

1-18-02 Just so everyone knows Becky Craver and I have no problem with each other anymore.