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My Loyal Page of Criticism

--Please remember that everything said below is considered FREE SPEACH so if you have a problem with it I could care less--

1. Ok, by now you have had to of heard about the new series called, "That 80's Show." Whats up with that? That 70's Show still has like a good six years on it. Besides the new show doesn't even look like the eighties people. Atleast That 70's Show had some relavance. Anyways That 80's Show is making us look like morons. So lets put two and two together and not watch, "Thats 80's Show," so it gets canceled.

2. There is a restraunt that replaced Rutters Restraunt called,"Korner Kuboard Buffet." There one manager, Matt who is leterally GAY, and he treats his employees like dirt. He is apparently seeing the kitchen manager, Walt who is also Gay and treats his employees like dirt. Well my point is that isn't scary knowing the restraunt manager and the kitchen manager are seeing each other and for some odd reason the TARTER SAUCE always looks a bit funny when Matt and Walt bring it out? Think about it.

**More To Come Soon**